Polish abstract painting Stefan Gierowski

«Painter and draughtsman. A prominent representative of contemporary painting avant-garde, described as a classic of Polish modernity. He was born on 21st May, 1925 in Częstochowa.Between 1945-48, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, in the workshops of Zbignew Pronaszko and Karol Frycz. He simultaneously studied history of art at the Jagiellonian University, under the supervision of Vojeslav Molè. In 1949, he moved to Warsaw. Between 1956-61, he cooperated with the Krzywe Koło Gallery, run by Marian Bogusz. From 1962 to 1996, he was an educator at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where between 1975-81, he worked as a dean of the Painting Faculty, while in 1983 he was chosen as the rector-elect, however the martial law authorities explicitly refused his candidacy. In 1980s, he was associated with the “independent culture” circles. In 1980, he received the highest Professorial title.
In 1981, he was a member of the Organising Committee of the Congress of Polish Culture. In 1980, he was the recipient of the Jan Cybis Award. He lives in Konstancin near Warsaw.









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These paintings are interesting. 

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