Czech modern painting Mikuláš Medek

Mikuláš Medek (November 3, 1926 in Praha — August 23, 1974 in Praha) was a Czech painter. He was a grandson of impressionist painter Antonín Slavíček, son of general of the Czechoslovak Army and catholic writer Rudolf Medek and brother of journalist Ivan Medek. He is considered one of the most important exponents of the Czech modern painting in the post-war period.He was the husband of the photographer Emila Medková
«Medek’s paintings are pervaded with the theme of human destiny: they consider all fates as one great, internally cohesive whole and speak to them with startling urgency. In complex structures of signification and ambiguously multifarious symbols, Mikuláš Medek constructs original visual metaphors for humanity’s existence, in its tragic yet equally grotesque, absurd, painful, and secretive dimensions. The thematic depth and the expressive force of line and colouration here form an indissoluble entity, giving the impression that Medek’s paintings have arisen as a rare and magical revelation of the painting craft and the creative spirit.










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