Surrealism Endre Nemes

Endre Nemes (November 10, 1909 – September 22, 1985; born with the family name Nágel) was a Slovako-Czecho-Swedish Surrealist artist who had a background in Lyrical Abstraction.While his early exhibitions included tailors' dummies and écorchés, he was notable in Sweden for his use of enamels in public art.Born Endre Nágel in Pécsvárad, Hungary, in 1909, he changed his name to Nemes in 1928. His family soon moved to the small town of Igló (then part of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, later Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia). He later lived in Vienna (1927) where he studied philosophy before returning to Slovakia, working as a journalist and publishing poetry. In 1930, he moved to Prague where he became a cartoonist. Whilst in Prague, he studied at the Prague Art Academy, where he met Peter Weiss and Bernard Reder and collaborated with Jakub Bauernfreund.Nemes held his first exhibition with Jakub Bauernfreund at the Dr. Feigl Gallery.As a Jew, he escaped from Czechoslovakia before World War II, was in Helsinki in 1938, traveled through Finland and Norway, and ended up in Sweden where he held his first solo exhibition in 1941 in Stockholm. Just prior to Weiss's March 1941 exhibition at Masshallen, Brunkebergsplate, Nemes had shown his work at the same venue










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