Howard Chesner Behrens

Howard Chesner Behrens (August 20, 1933 – April 14, 2014) was American popular artist whose original works of art are sold in fine art galleries, at auction on cruise ships, and at Costco. Behrens' limited and open editions are sold internationally. Behrens was also one of the top-selling artists on Princess Cruises.
«Many years ago, I learned that the only way I can really achieve what I feel in my paintings is to create them using a palette knife instead of a brush. I love the boldness of the knife, and the control I have of color. Using the knife, I find that I can capture not only the softness of clouds, but also the boldness of mountains, the vibrancy of flowers, and the strength of water. I move the knife furiously as I apply deep, rich color in many layers to achieve dimension and mood.» Even a casual observer who seeks to venture beyond the natural greatness of the scene and the power of that dull blade (the palette knife) as it shapes unwitting pigments of color into visual dreams, will recognize that Mr. Behrens' work speaks to the segment in each of us that wants a better, more beautiful world, as if by reproducing the outside in its perfect state, the artist can induce us to greater internal satisfaction. Howard Behrens is a romantic poet sculpting paint on canvas, and while he has spawned an entire cottage industry of emulators, few, if any, capture the emotional breadth of this man in love with love, life and the sun.









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