Evgeny Chubarov - Russian abstract art

Evgeny Iosifovich Chubarov ( 11 December 1934 – 5 December 2012) was a Russian painter, sculptor, and graphic artist.Evgeny Chubarov was born in the village of Nizhneye Bobino in Bashkiria on 11 December 1934.
He almost didn’t go to school, working on a collective farm pasturing colts as a teenager. His passion for painting appeared in childhood, partly under the influence of his father. In his youth, Chubarov wanted to have a prestigious profession, so went to his uncle’s house in Zlatoust to study to become an engraver at a vocational school there. After graduating from the school, Chubarov entered the army and served five years in the Baltic Fleet.In 1959, Chubarov went to Saratov and then to Zagorsk (now Sergiev Posad), where he worked at the restoration studio of the sculptor Dmitry Tsaplin. In 1961, he married Lyudmila Gukovich, a pediatrician who worked in Istra. They lived in rented rooms that they had found by chance.










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