Emil Schumacher - European Abstract Expressionism

«Emil Schumacher He abandoned painting objects and turned towards the expressive power of painting alone. Colour itself gradually became the decisive element of his works. This biographical artistic process happened during a period, which was determined by the French École de Paris, Tachism and American Action Painting. While abstraction itself was typical of this period, it also became a typical aspect of Emil Schumacher's personal style.During the late 1960s and early 1970s Schumacher experimented with a rigorous type of action painting, which is reflected above all in his „Hammerbilder“ (Hammer Paintings). The injury and damage to the picture support was to him a means of employing destruction itself as a pictorial phenomenon in art.»













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Dear friends. I am professional artist with many years of experience. I would like to offer you unique opportunity of having a painting, made according to your individual wishes. Oils, watercolours, graphics, portraits or decorative motives, small or large- your involvement in creating of art will make your interiors very special. To ensure highest standard and unique nature of my art  I use only traditional techniques and methods..Milena Olesinska

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