Ronald Lockett - American visual artist

Ronald Lockett (1965–1998) was an American visual artist, combining painting with three dimensional objects. “Lockett’s primary artistic mentor” was the painter Thornton Dial, his cousin.
“Ronald Lockett was born and lived in the “Pipe Shop” neighborhood of Bessemer, Alabama. He graduated from high school but stayed at home and pursued no trade; he always knew he wanted to be an artist. Lockett learned to paint by watching television and observing Dial, who became his mentor.His early works are paintings on plywood, commonly using a palette of black, white and red. His style is naturalistic; however, his figures flicker between representation and abstraction. Often, he would choose animals as his subjects and like the Dial family artists, animals were sometimes used as surrogates for humans. He began to add elements of collage to his paintings, using found objects such as wire, cloth, nails, and fencing to add texture to his surfaces.”













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