Organic structures & Abakans Magdalena Abakanowicz

«Born 1930 in Falenty near Warsaw, she lived and worked in Warsaw. One of Poland's most internationally-acclaimed artists, Abakanowicz is known for works that transcend the conventional sphere of sculpture production. She passed away on 21st April 2017.
Her first major independent achievement was based on using three-dimensional textiles as a medium. Abakanowicz became intimately associated with soft sculptures known as 'Abakans'.Abanowicz being interested by the texture of matter, particularly the organic nature of her medium of choice. Abakans — made from dyed sisal fibre — with its multiplied organic nature — was shocking. At exhibitions they were suspended from the ceiling, unidentifiable monsters wrapped in canvas cloth. The artist broke with the tradition of flat surfaces of decorative textiles hung against the walls. Years later she wrote, 'The Abakans irritated. They were untimely. There was the French tapestry in weaving, pop-art and conceptual art, and here there were some complicated, huge, magical (forms)...'











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