Musical abstractions Paul Chidlaw

Paul Chidlaw (1900–1989) was an American painter and art instructor who spent most of his career in Cincinnati, Ohio.
His paintings include: At the Wailing Wall (an oil painting on canvas), and The Farm Has a Song (an oil painting on canvas in 1978). He painted in oil, watercolor, acrylic, etchings, pastel, charcoal and pencil. In his 1980 painting Boogie Woogie, a «cheerful pastiche of color suggests a deluge of bright streamers and confetti drifting down from a pale winter sky at New Year’s. The mood is upbeat and celebratory.»
As part of the sensory process involved in creating his art, Chidlaw used a music motif as a form. Pigments vibrated in dulcet violin tones, or reverberated as percussion, and the notes of color blended in an exultant symphony of emotion. Chidlaw felt that his use of color was one of his greatest strengths, and he gave close consideration to how colors “sounded” and mingled optically on the canvas.
His colorful abstract paintings often suggested landscapes. He also was known for his calligraphy-like gesture drawings. He mentored numerous aspiring artists at the Cincinnati Art Academy










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