Lika Mutal - Contemporary Peruvian sculpture

Lika Mutal (12 September 1939 – 7 November 2016) was a Peruvian sculptor whose career began in 1971.Mutal is well known for her hand carved stonework, which focuses on the interconnectedness of the human and non-human world.The idea of duality is an omnipresent theme in Mutal’s life, as she is of European heritage, but she lives part-time in the ancient landscape of Lima, Peru and part-time in the modern architecture of New York City. Duality manifests in her work as she juxtaposes rough, jagged edges with smooth, polished surfaces, as well as with the physical structure of the work, has each of the pieces typically as some element that links two independent pieces. Most impressive about her work- is Mutal’s ability to give a sort of dynamism to the inherently static substance of stone. Mutal’s work is well represented globally, and her practice is based out of Norha Haime Gallery in New York City.












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