Abstract geometric patterns Douglas Dean Ohlson

Douglas Dean Ohlson (November 18, 1936 – June 29, 2010) was an American abstract artist who specialized in geometric patterns.
Ohlson's early work was included in an exhibit organized by art historian E. C. Goossen at the Hudson River Museum titled «8 Young Artists» in 1964, and had a solo show that year at the Fischbach Gallery, the first of seven at that location. Goossen also included work by Ohlson in the 1968 exhibition «The Art of the Real: 1948-1968» at the Museum of Modern Art which focused on the development and history of geometric art in the United States.Sharply defined and repeated geometric shapes were characteristic of his earliest painting, that were described by Goossen as depicting «yellowish pink and green dawns, blue noons, and red-orange sunsets that swiftly slide from purple to black», hypothesizing that Ohlson's experience growing up and working long days on the family's farm gave him a unique passion for color Ohlson was recognized with a Guggenheim









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